4 Reasons to Join a Hopkins Coworking Space

There are many benefits to coworking, including a professional office space for those without an office, a strong community of “coworkers” for those who work remotely, and flexible membership options for hybrid teams (providing open workspaces, dedicated desks, private offices, conference rooms, and more).

One benefit often overlooked, however, is the opportunity for coworkers to become better integrated with the community in which the coworking space is located. That’s why Olio Coworking members are so thrilled to be located right on Mainstreet in Hopkins, Minnesota.

Find out what makes Hopkins coworking such a great opportunity for a diverse range of professionals.

1. Centrally Located in the Twin Cities

Being right on the Highway 169 and Highway 7 corridor, Downtown Hopkins offers a prime office location for those who live in the Southwest Twin Cities. This is especially true for those who want to avoid the increasingly urbanized (and crowded with traffic) environments offered by communities bordering Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Being just three miles from Minneapolis—and surrounded by Edina, Minnetonka, and St. Louis Park—has obvious benefits. Not to mention being in close proximity to many of the most sought after commercial districts in the Twin Cities, Hopkins itself has plenty to offer.

As seen in this image from Google Maps, Hopkins is in the center of the Southwest Twin Cities on the 169-7 corridor.

2. The People

A community is only as good as its people. This is true of any coworking space as well as any organization, neighborhood, or city. Luckily for those who find themselves working in the area, the people of Hopkins are a special breed.

Being a city with a long and interesting history—first on the map in 1893 as “West Minneapolis Village”—the community of Hopkins, along with its historic Mainstreet, has been developed over 100+ years. Its history as a small, close-knit village is still evident today, even as the city has become increasingly populated.

In certain aspects, Hopkins still holds onto a small (and old) town feel. This is especially true in downtown with its old-fashioned main street that is lined with old classic brick buildings, many of which were built more than one hundred years ago. Furthermore, many businesses have stayed in Hopkins through multiple generations and so have many generations of families.

Unsurprisingly, this has led to a community of true “locals”—commoners who know each other and know each other’s families, a unique attribute for a city located just three miles from the Minneapolis metropolis.

This small and old town feel is something many people in Hopkins continue to take pride in, which results in a strong sense of belonging, kindness for fellow residents and visitors, and an appreciation of the past with a motivation for an enriched future. And being centrally located in the growing Southwest Metro, the Hopkins community has increasingly leaned into its past while embracing a modernized vision of the future—a vision that supports bold entrepreneurism, fashionable living accommodations, and enhanced visibility.

Because coworkers often adopt aspects of the greater community, this blend of old (and small) town and new (and less small) town creates a wonderful environment for a coworking space. Coworkers in Hopkins are likely to be caring and personal, passionate about the community, and hard-working as they too try to embrace an always brighter future.

By Tim Kiser (w:User:Malepheasant) – Self-photographed, CC BY-SA 2.5, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1143142

Just to provide an understanding of some of the great people you may find in a Hopkins coworking space, below we highlight a few current members at Olio Coworking:

  • Brandon W: Brandon is founder of Team 551 Management Group, a growing multi-unit owner-operator of Jersey Mike’s Sub restaurants. He was previously an EVP at Ovative Group, a highly successful digital-first media and measurement company, and remains an advisor to the firm. Brandon has experience as a consultant and as a serial startup founder.
  • Michael M: As a co-founder of Olio Coworking—co-founded with his brother, Bobby, a local serial entrepreneur—Michael enjoys speaking with other founders. Furthermore, he works remotely on the acquisitions team at a growing software holding company called SureSwift Capital. He spends much of his time outside of Minnesota as a “digital nomad”.
  • Dominique P.T.: Dom is the community relations manager for ICA (a social services agency serving Hopkins, Minnetonka, Excelsior, Shorewood, Deephaven, Greenwood, and Woodland, Minnesota). He seems to know everyone in Hopkins and sits on the board of multiple organizations, overseeing various philanthropic initiatives.

3. Restaurants, Bars, and Breweries

Downtown Hopkins offers a variety of restaurant, bar, and brewery options. As the downtown district continues to attract more visitors, the list of eating and drinking establishments is growing.

One of the best things about having a workspace on Mainstreet is its walkability. By walking just a few blocks in either direction, coworkers will find many options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, a quick snack, or cocktails. Some of the favorites are below.

Coffee & Breakfast

Hoagies Family Restaurant: This is truly a Hopkins classic as well as a local favorite. The long standing restaurant is well known for its old-friendly-diner vibes and serves well-priced breakfast and, of course, hoagies for lunch.
Munkabeans Cafe & Coffeehouse: Munkabeans is a locally owned coffeehouse and cafe that is appreciated for its cozy quaint interior. In addition to locally-roasted coffee, the menu also includes all day breakfast, lunch, and tasty sweets.
Dunn Brothers: Dunn Brothers Hopkins offers exactly what you would expect—great coffee and some great mini sandwiches and snacks. Being located on Shady Oak Road (on one end of Mainstreet), this is a longer walk for most.

Lunch & Dinner

Pub 819: Pub 819 is a full bar and restaurant with 90+ whiskeys, crafted cocktails, 32 craft beer taps & menus featuring unique burgers & more. Pub 819 has two dog-friendly patios featuring a three-course dog menu for the dogs, making this a popular summer destination for dog-lovers.
Thirty Bales: This is an upbeat neighborhood restaurant offering Midwestern cuisine using fresh ingredients, oftentimes locally sourced. Their large Mainstreet patio and attractive happy hour prices makes it a popular summer destination for drinks.
Mainstreet Bar & Grill: A classic bar and grill in a rustic tavern setting, Mainstreet Bar & Grill also offers pool, games, and live music on the weekends.
Cam Rahn Bay: Cam Rahn Bay is a modern Vietnamese kitchen offering plentiful appetizers, stir fry, and noodle bowl options. It offers a cozy intimate setting, one that many have come to expect from family-owned Vietnamese and Thai restaurants.
Chipotle Mexican Grill: There’s no need to explain what can be found at Chipotle. The Hopkins location is directly on Mainstreet adjacent to the popular regional bike trail.
Driskill’s Downtown Market: Driskill’s is a family-owned and operated grocery store in downtown Hopkins. For those coworkers having a busy day, Driskill’s—with its bakery, deli, smokehouse, salad bar, and sushi bar—provides a convenient spot to grab a tasty lunch on the go.
Hoagies Family Restaurant: To emphasize that Hoagies is more than just a breakfast diner, we have listed the restaurant a second time. This is a great spot for a casual lunch.
The above is not an exclusive list of dining establishments on Hopkins’s Mainstreet. Some other spots to check out include: Wild Boar Bar & Grill (a bar and grill with pool, darts, and games), Nacho’s Mexican Grill (offers classic Mexican food and, of course, nachos), Tibet Corner (authentic Tibetan cuisine), and Star Wok (an under-the-radar strip mall Chinese restaurant).

Fast Food: For those with a midday craving for some fast food, a McDonald’s, Dairy Queen, Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Subway, and Wendy’s can all be found a few blocks off Mainstreet.

Beer & Cocktails

After a long day at work, sometimes a cold beer or cocktail tastes particularly good. Although some of the restaurants and grills named above are also popular destinations to grab casual drinks and let loose—especially Mainstreet Bar & Grill, Pub 819, and Wild Boar—there are some other great spots on Mainstreet to try.

The Vine Room: For wine lovers, The Vine Room has an assortment of quality wines focusing on small-mid sized producers, family-owned wineries, and wines made with sustainable farming and production methods. They also serve delish bites and boards curated with local, seasonal ingredients. With a large outdoor patio, this is another popular summer night destination.
LTD Brewing: Minnesotans passionate about local breweries are likely familiar with LTD Brewing, a brewery on Mainstreet, Hopkins with thirteen beers on tap. For those who do not drink, they also offer twelve non-alcoholic beverages.
Bear Cave Brewing: Although not yet opened (opening 2022), Bear Cave Brewing is set to become one of Hopkins’s most popular destinations. The newly renovated space will offer 52 self-pour taps, mixed drinks, and wines, throughout three levels, a basement speakeasy, an outdoor patio, and a rooftop patio.
Want sweets on Mainstreet? In addition to some of the spots already mentioned, take a quick walk to Amy’s Cupcake Shoppe, Cold Stone Creamery, or Dairy Queen.

4. Convenient Location & Transportation

Being on the Highway 169 and Highway 7 corridor, Downtown Hopkins offers spectacular accessibility for those looking for a good place to work. Accessibility will only improve once the Southwest Light Rail Green Line Extension is finished in 2023. This 14.5-mile light rail line with 16 stations will soon connect Minneapolis, St. Louis Park, Hopkins (including downtown Hopkins), Minnetonka, and Eden Prairie.

Bike Trails Galore! A Hopkins Coworking Benefit

Photo by Stan Slade on Unsplash.

One thing that is often overlooked by those who are less familiar with Hopkins is Mainstreet’s convenience for bikers. Just ask a few of Olio Coworking’s members who bike to work each day from their homes.

The Minnesota River Bluffs LRT Regional, Cedar Lake LRT Regional, North Cedar Lake Regional, and Lake Minnetonka LRT Regional Trails are four major trailheads that run within a block or two of Mainstreet. These well kept trailheads connect Hopkins to Chanhassen, Victoria, St. Louis Park, Minneapolis, and more.

Other Things to Know About Working in Downtown Hopkins

Hopkins Mainstreet isn’t just full of bars and restaurants. The commercial district also has a variety of other retail and service-based businesses, including one of the best collections of antique stores in the Upper Midwest.

Beyond this, Downtown Hopkins is also home to Hopkins Center of the Arts and Stages Theatre Company, multiple neighborhood parks, and one of the Twin Cities’ best lineups of community events, celebrations, and parades (e.g., the weekly Farmer’s Market, multiple city block parties, the famous Raspberry Festival, and a strong summer music series).

These events provide a great way for coworkers in Hopkins to interact with the community while gaining valuable personal and business connections.

In Summary

As Mpls St. Paul Magazine summarizes, “Hopkins is chock-full of historic charm, with a modern penchant for Harleys, foodies, and cyclists. Nearly every amenity is within walking distance. Along Mainstreet there are more than a dozen restaurants and bars, a brewery, two ice cream shops, a movie theater, a performing arts center, a gas station, multiple salons, and a collection of antique and retail shops.”

The best way to fully understand how this translates to a great environment for coworkers is to give coworking on Hopkins Mainstreet a try. That’s why Olio Coworking offers a free trial, so that these benefits can be fully experienced by those who are curious whether or not coworking in the area is a good thing for them.

To summarize, top reasons to join a coworking space in downtown Hopkins are:

  • Location: Hopkins is centrally located in Southwest Minneapolis-St. Paul with great accessibility.
  • The People: The city of Hopkins has an especially strong community and has increasingly attracted entrepreneurialism as the many benefits of the city have become amplified over the past handful of years.
  • Food and Drinks: The highly walkable “Mainstreet” offers coworkers a variety of food and drink establishments.
  • Trails and Alternative Transportation: The regional trail system and Light Rail extension offer great alternatives for those who wish to travel by light rail, bike, or foot.
  • Downtown Events: As the result of a strong community, Hopkins has an alluring lineup of downtown events to entertain and help coworkers get to know others in the area.