Welcome to your Olio Loyalty Program

In the Olio Coworking Family, a loyalty rewards program helps build a positive spirit and unified bond amongst coworkers. Olians have the chance to be rewarded through inviting new guests to the Olio family or interacting with the super awesome members

that already office out of the space.


An Olian can receive awesome prizes or coworking discounts for their efforts if they go above and beyond to help another coworker or build/improve the coworking community. By rewarding coworkers for enhancing/participating in the community, we hope to show our appreciation for the hard work being done to make Olio a better place.


While we will try our best to reward coworkers, we will leave it up to you to email [email protected] when you refer/purchase an item from an existing coworker, participate in an Olio event, invite a guest to visit the space, or refer a new member to the Olio team.

What Olians Can Win!

Monthly Memberships (50% Off)

Open Desk Membership: $13,000 Ollars

Dedicated Desk Membership: $18,000 Ollars

Office Membership: $45,000 Ollars

Monthly Memberships (100% Off)

Open Desk Membership: $26,000 Ollars

Dedicated Desk Membership: $36,000 Ollars

Office Membership: $90,000 Ollars

$50 Gift Cards

Chipotle, Pub 819, Bear Cave, Jersey Mike’s, Nachos: $5,000 Ollars

$100 Donation

ICA Food Shelf, Alex’s Lemonade Stand: $8,000 Ollars

Surprise Box

Picked by the Olio Brothers: $10,000 Ollars

Apple Products

Airpods Pro: $30,000 Ollars

iPhone 13 Pro: $100,000 Ollars

Olian's Ollar Counts

Loyalty Point Leader: AJ P. ($10,475 Ollars)

AJ P: $10,475 Ollars

Betsy N: $9,875 Ollars

Mahesh J: $9,375 Ollars

Mark B: $9,375 Ollars

Brandon W: $7,550 Ollars

Anne C: $7,500 Ollars

Dominique P: $5,600 Ollars

Robert L: $5,200 Ollars

Scott O: $5,200 Ollars

Adam Mint: $4,350 Ollars

Jeffrey S: $4,350 Ollars

Jonathan P: $3,250 Ollars

Jeana Van S: $2,950 Ollars

Tara B: $2,700 Ollars

Jeff H: $2,700 Ollars

Tim B: $2,600 Ollars

Molly S: $2,050 Ollars

Aida N: $1,950 Ollars

Dan C: $1,950 Ollars

Adam M: $1,950 Ollars

Bob G: $1,950 Ollars

Motti A: $1,800 Ollars

Thomas S: $1,800 Ollars

Beth G: $1,800 Ollars

John D: $1,100 Ollars

Matt S: $900 Ollars

Aaron O: $900 Ollars

Doug O: $650 Ollars

Katie Y: $650 Ollars

Henry W: $650 Ollars

Ashley N: $650 Ollars

Andy B: $500 Ollars

Norm O: $200 Ollars

Rachel L: $0 Ollars

Dwight E: $0 Ollars

Ryan M: $0 Ollars

Dan G: $0 Ollars

Kayne S: $0 Ollars

Ryan D: $0 Ollars

Jordan H: $0 Ollars

Jenna K: $0 Ollars

Mindy W: $0 Ollars

Lindsey J: $0 Ollars

Blake F: $0 Ollars

Jason E: $0 Ollars

Dana P: $0 Ollars

Josh P: $0 Ollars

Linda R: $0 Ollars

Dave J: $0 Ollars

Holly R: $0 Ollars

Luke C: $0 Ollars

Eric M: $0 Ollars

McKenzee H: $0 Ollars

Charlie H: $0 Ollars

Melanie J: $0 Ollars

Ben C: $0 Ollars

Katherine F: $0 Ollars

Reid P: $0 Ollars

Luke P: $0 Ollars

Derek K: $0 Ollars

Tara N: $0 Ollars

Thomas B: $0 Ollars

Total Ollars Awarded: $114,500.00